Land Based Snook Fishing

Land Based Snook Fishing

       When heading out to go snook fishing, the first thing to do is find a good spot. Look for spots with rocky or sandy shorelines, seawalls, and mangrove edges. Or, when the weather is cooler out or it turns up, you can find some snook move into the bayous and spillways. When finding your spot, you must make sure you are very quiet because snook are easily spooked.

       Next, you will need to make sure to use the right tackle. Depending on the area, you will want to use the lightest hook and leader you can get. A good quality 30lb or 50lb fluorocarbon is perfect if fishing around docks or bridges. The best hook size to use is 1/0 – 3/0 depending on your bait.

       When choosing your bait, always try to match the hatch. If fishing a spot close to freshwater, use shiners, bluegill, fingermullet, and shad. If fishing bridges and rocks, then use pinfish, grunts, and ladyfish. In the mangroves, sand, or grassflats use greenbacks, threadfin, and maharos. For spillways, however, artificial lures such as storm swimbaits, small bucktails, and spoolteks work best. An effective way to use swimbaits is to throw them upstream in freshwater and reel them back down. Bucktails are most effective when bounced off the bottom. Another great artificial bait to use is the Maverick Golden Eye or similar diving bait. These lures imitate injured baitfish so you can use them anywhere.

       With these tips you will have the right spot, tackle, and bait. You are all set to go catch some snook!

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