Dogfish Stiks


We have created our own original fishing rod masterpiece, the Dogfish Stik.  Each custom rod is painstakingly hand-crafted to meet your exact fishing needs. Every blank is individually spined to insure proper deflection and guarantee you will fight the fish, not the rod. We test cast each rod to ensure the proper guide spacing. This process allows for maximum casting distance. We also make sure that the line does not touch the blank when under stress. We under and over wrap each guide, protecting the blank from being damaged by the metal guide foot. Mass produced rods are often created with inadequate blanks and too few guides, leaving the customer with a rod of secondary standards. Each Dogfish Stik, however, must pass all of our testing before we complete it by hand-applying the finest finish. The rod is then rotated for hours to allow the epoxy to cure to a smooth glass finish. Finally, each customer can choose the colors and design to make their rod one of a kind.

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Dogfish Stik Warranty

Our rods come backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty on any manufacturing defects. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a receipt or other proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover guides (as no manufacturer does). This warranty also does not cover improper use or mishandling of the rod. If you have any questions concerning our warranty program please give call us at 727-393-2102.