Our Services

At Dogfish Tackle & Marine, we offer an abundance of services for all of our customers.

Cast Net Lessons & Repair If you are looking to catch bait with a cast net but aren’t sure how to get the darn thing to open up on the water, don’t worry. We can help! We are always happy to give a lesson on the best way to hold and throw a cast net. Never again will you have to hassle with buying bait or spending all morning trying to fill your well. We will have you throwing like a pro in no time. And, if you rip your net, we can help there, too. Just bring it in and we will have it fixed like new!

Custom Kingfish Rigs
We offer custom Kingfish rigs in straight wire or 7 strand cable. Just tell us how you want them made, and we will have them done in no time. You will have no doubt when fishing with our custom rigs. They are well known around town for their great quality. We pride ourselves on being on top of our game with the best products to put you on the fish of your dreams.

Knot Tying
When it comes to tying knots, we are the "knot nerds!” Among offshore fisherman, we are well known for tying line to line knots to attach leaders and top shots. We tie a seamless connection that allows the knot to travel in and out of the guides without knocking out inserts. And, the best part about it is that it is 100% knot. You can count on us to tie the most secure knots around. Or, if you want to learn to tie your own knots, we are here to help teach you, too. Our goal at Dogfish Tackle is to teach you to catch as much as possible so you will continue to fish and come to us for all your fishing needs..

Rod Repair
Do you have cracked guides or a broken tip on your rod? No worries, we can fix those, too. If you broke a tip, we can fix it while you wait. Or, if you need a guide replaced, we can send it out to have it fixed. The best news is that our repairs are not going to kill your wallet. The majority of guide repairs are only $12 to $15.

Rope Splicing
In our Marine Department, a great service we offer is on-site rope splicing. If you need custom dock lines, we can make them. If you need more rope added to an anchor line, we can add it. If the thimble on your current anchor rope is old and rusted, let us replace it for you. Do you need your anchor-to-chain connection for your windless re-done? We will have it back to new in no time. These are just a few examples our most popular on-site rope splicing services. Don’t hesitate to ask for anything else you may need done. If we CAN do it, we WILL do it!

Special Ordering
Despite our expansive inventory selection, there may occasionally be something you need that we don’t carry. But, don’t fret, we are happy to special order anything you need. We receive merchandise from seven large distributing companies, so odds are that one of them will have what you are looking for. Most often, special orders arrive in as little as one day at no additional charge. So, remember, when shopping with Dogfish Tackle, if you don’t see it, we will get it!

Shimano & Daiwa Reel Servicing

We graciously ship out Shimano & Daiwa reels back to the manufacture for repairs, servicing, and for warranty issues taking the frustration out of your hands. We do charge you for shipping and the repair cost when the the reel is returned. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged products in this process.