Betts Super Pro Cast Nets 1/4" Mesh (1.3 lb/ft)

Betts Super Pro Cast Nets 1/4" Mesh (1.3 lb/ft)




Product type: Nets

Vendor: Betts

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The Betts Super Pro cast net #24 series is a 6 pannel, 1/4" mesh, 1.3 lb/ft net made with real lead and available in 8ft and 10ft. The 1/4" size mesh is a good net to have when you are trying to target baitfish on the flats or the times of the year when bait is smaller and gets stuck in bigger mesh. Please feel free to call us if you have questions on what cast net would best suit you! -727-393-2102-

  • 3/8˝ nylon hand line
  • Additional premium braille lines
  • Double selvage mesh at leadline
  • Additional weight added to sink faster
  • Tied with extra strong bonded thread at leadline
  • Braided leadline with treatment
  • Lead Weights