Calusa Cast Nets 10' or 12' Radius 1/2" Mesh

Calusa Cast Nets 10' or 12' Radius 1/2" Mesh




Product type: Nets

Vendor: Calusa

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Calusa Cast Nets are designed to meet the requirements of the demanding fisherman. These handmade nets are manufactured using six-panel construction, 1 1/2 lbs of lead per foot (ie: 10′ net = 15 lbs). They are made with the highest quality copolymer monofilament. The combination of the fine mesh quality and handmade craftsmanship makes for a cast net that feels softer, throws easier and lies flatter than any other net available. Calusa Cast Nets are constructed with the highest quality materials available and are the finest nets on the market.

  • 1/2in. Mesh – Great for medium baits 4” or longer in deeper water 10ft. -15ft.. Fast sink rate.
  • 10’ – 1.5 lbs./ft. = 15lbs. total
  • 12’ – 1.5 lbs./ft. = 18lbs. total