OTI Jitterbel Vertical Jig




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: OTI

Tags: Vertical jigs



  • The Jitterbel's long rear-weighted body produces a wide swimming action.  Comes in three sizes and three colors.  All OTI jigs feature a glow in the dark edge with red 3D eyes and are packaged fully rigged and ready to fish with 2 Raptor assist hooks, 1 Raptor XH split ring, and 1 welded solid ring
  • Walk the dog action on retrieve
  • Excellent for bottom dwellers like amberjack, snapper, and grouper

Drop to desired depth and begin rhythmic lifts of the rod tip. The jig should appear to be fleeing.

Model             Weight         Length
OTI-1104-220   220g/8oz     9.5in/24cm
OTI-1104-320   320g/11oz   11in/28cm
OTI-1104-420   420g/15oz   11.25in/28.5cm