Penn International 30 VW Single Speed Reel

Penn International 30 VW Single Speed Reel




Product type: Reels

Vendor: Penn

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International VW Single Speed reels will quickly become the preferred choice of charter boat captains because of their ease of use and their dependability. Throw the lever into the strike position, set the hook, and crank like mad. Even the most novice of anglers and charters can handle that task of landing a trophy catch. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Single Speed International VW models are not slower than their two-speed counterparts and, more often than not, feature a gear ratio identical to the higher gear ratio of the two-speed models.

This year the tried and true International Single Speed reels have received a makeover. We have incorporated all of the updates found in Penn's proven International V series of reels. Season after season anglers take to the water in search of large game fish such as marlin, tuna, and shark. And season after season Penn International Single Speed reels will be spooled up and expected to perform. Penn International Single Speed reels are constructed to the same standards as their two-speed siblings and, shy of a lower ratio gear, are just as capable.

  • Reel Speeds: Single Speed Max Drag at Strike: 28 lb. Frame Material: Aluminum Weight: 57.0 oz. Frame Color: Gold Line Retrieve Per Crank: 37" Line Retrieve Per Crank - High: 37" Line Capacity - Mono: 900 yds./30 lb. Gear Ratio - High: 3.8:1 Drag Type: Lever Drag Line Capacity - Braid: 700 yds./100 lb. w/ 50 yds./80 lb. Mono Topshot