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Toadfish XL Stowaway Folding Cutting Board

Toadfish XL Stowaway Folding Cutting Board

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XL Folding Cutting Board Size:

Unfolded Dimensions 14’’x22’’

Folded Dimensions 3.5’’x22’’x1.5’

The X-large Stowaway folding cutting board is designed to easily fold, lock, and stow anywhere. Fits easily into kitchen drawers, boat boxes, tackle bags, and travel packs. When unfolded, it locks together to match the feel of a 1-piece design. Features non-slip rubber feet to grip any surface and a built-in knife sharpener so you’re never left with a dull blade.

Toadfish is on a mission to ensure sustainable ecosystems. With every product sold, we are replenishing the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, tarpon, & flounder through donations to fish hatcheries across the United States. Let's Put 'Em Back®!

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