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White 3 Strand Nylon Anchor Rope / Dock Line

White 3 Strand Nylon Anchor Rope / Dock Line

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Here at Dogfish Tackle & Marine we splice rope on the spot.  All rope is charged by the foot.  For example, if you need 300ft of a certain size, you will need to select quantity 300 prior to check out. We will splice the rope free of charge when purchased from us.  If you need a thimble spliced to your rope, please add a stainless or galvanized thimble found in the drop bar to your shopping cart and let us know in the notes section. We can also splice the rope directly to your chain if purchasing chain.  We recommend splicing directly to chain if using your boat for bottom fishing. This allows for a smooth transition when using an anchor lift ball to pull up your anchor. Please do not hesitate to call us at 727-393-2102 if you have any questions in selecting the right anchor rope and chain for your boat. We want to make sure your set up right!

This is excellent for anchor lines and mooring/dock lines because the fiber absorbs sudden shock loads which could snap ropes made of other fibers or cause damage to boat fittings.

4 stage nylon has excellent resistance to abrasion.

Can be stowed wet

Rot resistant and not damaged by oil, grease, gasoline, mildew, marine growth, or most chemicals.

3-strand twisted nylon is spliceable.


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