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Marine Metal 2 Way Hush Bubbles - B-17

Marine Metal 2 Way Hush Bubbles - B-17

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Operates on 2 D-cell batteries for up to 55 hours, or you can use the 12V-DC adapter and use with any cigarette lighter outlet. Powerful 3V motor pumps up to 1.2 Liters of air per minute. Aerates up to 8 gallons and comes with 30" of silicone tubing, and  weighted glass beaded air stone. Adjustable stainless steel mounting clip and fasteners to attach to any bucket. Can be used for fresh and saltwater.

  • Premium 3 Volt air pump with special 12 V DC adapter included
  • Aerates up to 8 gallons
  • Runs up to +- 55 hours on 2 D cell batteries
  • Impact and water-resistant case with neoprene seals and rubber booted water proof switch.
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