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3M Aluminum Restorer & Polish

3M Aluminum Restorer & Polish

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Marine Detailing
Case Quantity
6 Bottles per Case
Consumer Label
Container Size (Imperial)
18 Ounce
Net Weight (Imperial)
18 oz
Number per Inner
1 per Bottle
Performance Level
Product Color
Product Form
Weight (Metric)
510.3 g
  • Restores the beauty and luster to aluminum
  • Removes heavy oxidation and chalking
  • Turns back the clock on the effects of weathering on aluminum
  • Concentrated formula provides a lot of cleaning with a small amount
  • May be applied by hand or machine

3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish revives the appearance of aluminum throughout boats by aggressively removing oxidation and stains. Use this product to restore the beauty and pride of ownership in your boat. Our product comes in a concentrated formula so a small amount provides a lot of restoration and polishing.


3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish
Formulated Specifically to Make Aluminum Shine
3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish removes the weathering effects that diminish the lustrous appearance of aluminum over time. Aluminum in a boat is especially vulnerable to oxidation and chalking because of all the outdoor exposure. Over time weathering effects rob aluminum of its brilliance and make it look old and fatigued. 3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish turns back the clock to revive the fresh appearance of aluminum. This product is ideal for cleaning and polishing aluminum deck hardware, cleats, through hulls, stanchions, rails and ladders.

A Small Amount of Product for a Big Aluminum Shine
Our product is formulated to remove heavy oxidation and restore shine to either bare or painted aluminum. For painted aluminum, we recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area to determine effect. 3M™ Aluminum Restorer and Polish has a light abrasive action that will restore the original luster. It will restore high gloss surfaces to a highly polished look, while brushed and matte finishes will be restored to original color and luster. This concentrated formula means a small amount removes a lot of oxidation and chalking.

Directions for Use
Before using this product, please reference Product Label and/or Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information.

Hand Application:
  • Apply a small amount of material to small area using a 3M™ Microfiber Detail Cloth
  • Rub aggressively using short strokes
  • Keep turning the cloth as more material is applied
  • Buff to a high luster using a clean, soft cloth. Do not stop and allow to haze
Machine Application:
  • Apply with an air or electric buffer (1400-2000 Max. RPM) equipped with a 3M™ Perfect-It™ 100% Wool Compounding Pad or 3M™ Perfect-It™ Low Linting 100% Wool Compounding Pad
  • Apply a sufficient amount of material to boat surface to work a 2 foot by 2 foot area
  • Before starting machine, spread the material with a buffing pad to reduce slinging of material and clean up
  • Buff using light to medium pressure in a consistent and uniform pattern
  • Reduce pressure when material begins to dry
  • Repeat if needed
For best results, use machine application.

3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish is a product that will restore the pride of ownership for a boat owner.
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