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3M Marine Cleaner & Wax 1qt.

3M Marine Cleaner & Wax 1qt.

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Case Quantity
2 Bottles per Case, 6 Bottles per Case
Consumer Label
Container Size (Imperial)
1 Gallon, 16.9 fl oz (US), 32 fl oz (US)
Number per Inner
1 per Bottle
Performance Level
Product Color
Beige, White
Product Type
Cleaner Wax
Volume (Imperial)
1 gal, 16.9 fl oz, 32 fl oz
Volume (Metric)
1 L, 3.7 L, 500 mL
  • Removes light to medium oxidation
  • Cleans and polishes to restore shine and color
  • Unique formula combines compound and waxes
  • Recommended for boats, cars and RVs
  • Helps protect against the effects of U.V. exposure

3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax cleans, polishes and protects fiberglass and gel coat. Our convenient liquid formulation combines a compound with a special blend of waxes. In one application, you can restore shine and add a layer of protection that will keep your boat glistening in the sunlight.


3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax
3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax, 16 oz., 09009
Cleans, Restores and Protects Marine Surfaces
3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax revives and protects the shine that makes a boat look stunning out on the water. Our unique liquid formulation combines a compound with a special blend of waxes, which does a double duty task of restoring shine and adding protection in one application. The simplicity and time savings of our "two-in-one" product with compound and waxes makes it a favorite among boat detailing professionals.

Our 3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax removes light to medium oxidation, filmy residue from lake, river or ocean water, rust deposits, exhaust stains and dock skid marks. It easily strips away the oxidation and other coatings that mask the true color and shine of your boat. After using our product you will quickly notice a more glossy shine and deeper, more vibrant color.

A Shine with Built-In Protection
But you can expect more than simply cleaning from this product. The waxes add protection that limit the effects of U.V. rays, which helps preserve the appearance of your boat when exposed to sunlight and weather. It will keep your boat looking stunning out on the water and moored at the marina.

In addition to boats, 3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax can also be used on other vehicles with fiberglass and painted surfaces such as automobiles, RVs and jet skis.

The combined benefits of a compound and waxes in one product mean you spend more time relaxing on your boat out on the water and less time detailing it. Enjoyment is what having a boat is all about! 
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