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Fishing rod technology has evolved drastically in the past decade, but until now, there have not been many good options for anglers seeking a lightweight, yet powerful rod to match the lightweight and power of their Valiant reels.  These rods go perfectly with any conventional reel, including the entire line of Accurate conventional reels.

The systematic approach of building the rods to match the reels was seamless and we believe we have a line of rods that is perfect for whatever type of hard-fighting saltwater gamefish you want to take on.

The Valiant Rods Feature:

  • Lightweight composite construction
  • High quality tangle-free guides
  • Custom fit components to match the reels
  • 13 models designed to fit BV-300 to BV-600 and up to a ATD-30T
  • One year warranty against material defects and craftsmanship

Our Slowpitch 68M rod accommodates lures up to 250g while our 68MH accommodates lures up to 350g. 

Model Length Line Rating Guide # Total Hand Length Foregrip Rear Grip Weight (oz)
BV-68M-SP 6'8" 30-40 Braid 11 21.25 1.5 2.125 4.7
BV-68MH-SP 6'8" 40-50 Braid 11 21.25 1.5 2.125 5


Powerful. Refined. Specialized.  We are proud to introduce Accurate’s first technique specific reels, the BV-500N-SPJ, and the BV2-500N-SPJ.  Listening to the input from seasoned experts in the field, we have transformed our existing Valiant series into the ultimate tool for the avid slow-pitch angler.

Our new Valiants features an extended handle arm for more torque on hard fighting bottom fish, as well as a newly designed power handle for a secure grip and to reduce hand fatigue in deep water.  We’ve further refined the reel by removing the clicker, eliminating the possibility of line-fouling and water intrusion through the side plate, as well as shaving unnecessary weight.

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