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ACR GlobalFix V6 EPIRB Survival Kit for Boats

ACR GlobalFix V6 EPIRB Survival Kit for Boats

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Introducing the all-new ACR GlobalFix V6 EPIRB Survival Kit for Boats — an all-encompassing and dependable set of vital resources, ensuring your security and survival in waterborne emergencies.

Tailored for seasoned sailors, avid anglers, and daring cruisers alike, this kit stands as an indispensable addition to your onboard gear. The latest addition includes the GlobalFix V6 RLS EPIRB, accompanied by a buoyant Ditchbag designed to float up to 15 lbs of equipment. Complete with a signal mirror, whistle, C-Strobe lights, and HemiLight3 for life jackets, this kit equips you comprehensively for any situation.


  • Comprehensive safety solution for all boating adventures and activities
  • 72 Channel Multi-constellation receiver (GPS, Galileo, & Glonass GNSS)
  • EPIRB Battery life is 48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)

EPIRB Includes:  

  • AIS Alerts for Local Rescue
  • Return Link Service - RLS confirmation direct to beacon
  • NFC / Mobile App  -  Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile App Included

This kit features the following essential survival products:

  • GlobalFIX V6 Cat. 2 EPIRB
  • RapidDitch Express Bag 
  • HemiLight™3 
  • C-Strobe H2O SOLAS Strobe Light 
  • Signal Mirror
  • WW-3 Res-Q™ Whistle


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