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Aftco Telescoping Bait Transfer Net

Aftco Telescoping Bait Transfer Net

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The AFTCO Telescoping Bait Transfer Net is designed specifically for delicate baits such as anchovies, menhaden, and sardines, the Telescoping Bait Net boasts an aluminum net hoop in a 16 inch width. The hoop design enables seamless capture of even the liveliest baits, and effortlessly reaches into every corner of your bait well. Say goodbye to abrasive damage and ensure the safety of your baits with our specialized track system. This ingenious feature eliminates netting abrasion, minimizing any potential harm to your baits during the scooping process. Additionally, it safeguards the inside of your tank from chips or scratches, preserving the integrity of your bait containment system. The Bait Net is equipped with a signature gold anodized aluminum telescoping handle, extending in range from 38 inches to 69 and a half inches when needed. The ultra-comfortable black vinyl grip ensures a secure and ergonomic hold, enhancing your comfort during extended fishing sessions. Constructed with premium woven polyester netting, the AFTCO Telescoping Bait Transfer Net combines strength and finesse to deliver exceptional performance.


  • Telescoping: 38" to 69.5"
  • Perfect for scooping delicate baits like anchovies, menhaden, and sardines
  • Easily reaches into the corners of the bait well
  • Signature gold anodized aluminum handle
  • Ultra-comfortable black vinyl grip
  • Woven polyester netting


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