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American Baitworks

American Baitworks G02 Minnow Baitfuel Saltwater

American Baitworks G02 Minnow Baitfuel Saltwater

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Introducing the BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Minnow, the go-to for hardcore inshore saltwater anglers chasing more bites. The GO2 Minnow will revolutionize your angling experience. These exceptional swim baits excel in maintaining a swimming motion regardless of the retrieve speed. Incorporating a carefully tapered and ringed body design, GO2 Minnow creates a strong visual bait presentation either Texas-rigged or with an exposed hook jig head.

 Our Saltwater GO2 series incorporates our revolutionary BaitFuel X65 F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology). Developed and tested exclusively on saltwater species, BaitFuel’s X65 saltwater scent formulation triggers more bites by releasing a powerful scent cloud around your bait – get ready for explosive strikes and extended hold times.

 Our revolutionary BaitFuel X65 Saltwater Formula supercharges traditional soft plastic baits combined with amazing color patterns and shapes. Settle for nothing less than extraordinary—choose BaitFuel-powered baits for an unrivaled triple threat of color, shape and scientifically developed SCENT that will dominates the water.

 Make the BaitFuel Saltwater GO2 Minnow your “go-to” and unleash the true potential of BaitFuel Saltwater Soft Plastics


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