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Anchor Shock

Anchor Shock

Anchor Shock

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About Anchor Shock

Anchoring is now easier than ever with the Anchor Shock! The Anchor Shock is made of heavy duty, "Made in the USA" marine-grade shock cord to reduce tension on your anchor and boat to give you the best anchoring device available on the market!

When the waves jerk your boat, the Anchor Shock stretches to nearly 2x it's length to eliminate the pull on the anchor rope and eliminate anchor dragging.

Whether its a day at the sand bar, fishing your favorite hot spot, or docking your boat, we offer a variety of products to best suit your needs.

This shock absorbing quality allows you to use less anchor rope, smaller anchors, and no more heavy chains that do a ton of damage to your boat every time you pull them in. Think of it this way, how would your truck ride in a plowed field with no shocks?

How to Use an Anchor Shock

Anchor Shock can be attached to any anchor line and boat. It's extremely quick and easy to use..
  1. Move up wind from the spot that you want to anchor your boat on
  2. Attach the Anchor Shock to a cleat on your boat
  3. Drop your anchor and let out your anchor rope a minimum of 3 times the depth of water (i.e. 20' of water = minimum of 60' of anchor line depending on the weather conditions)
  4. Tie an overhand knot in your anchor rope
  5.  Attach the loop of the anchor rope to the hook on the Anchor Shock
  6. Secure the end of the anchor rope to the boat

Custom Orders

If you have an idea of a product you would like made, we can make it for you! Our product has a variety of uses and we can design it to fit your needs. Whether its a custom length, two loops, a hook on each end, or a completely original idea, we will make it. Contact us for more information.


Check out this video by On the Water Adventures TV host Donn Golden on how to use the Heavy Duty Anchor Shock!
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