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Aquatic Nutrition

Aquatic Nutrition - Flats Magic - 2lb

Aquatic Nutrition - Flats Magic - 2lb

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Inshore species love munching on shrimp and squid. Aquatic Nutrition Flats Magic Chum Pellets are made with over 80% shrimp, along with squid, fish, shellfish, and baitfish oil. The pellets sink quickly and dissolve slowly, offering the promise of a gourmet feast and leading game fish to your bait. Compact, dry, and super-concentrated, a 2-lb. bag of Aquatic Nutrition's Flats Magic contains the equivalent of more than 12 pounds of fresh shrimp alone! Potency of up to 6 hours. No refrigeration required; includes a disposable chum bag. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: BPSFLATSMAGIC2.

  • Attracts inshore game and bait fish
  • Made with over 80% shrimp
  • Dissolves slowly in water
  • Creates an irresistible chum trail
  • No refrigeration required
  • Includes disposable chum bag
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