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Blue Water Candy Mini JAG and Full Size JAG

Blue Water Candy Mini JAG and Full Size JAG

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The smallest version of the Blue Water Candy JAG series, these “babies” combine the finest in nylon hair and soft mylar fibers available. Premium powder paint and flake coatings with molded eyes make a nice skirt for daisy chains, nose baits, and to build dredges. 5/8 ounce in weight. 6” in length. Use with mono up to 150#.


Known as a deadly offshore fish attractor, these premium skirts are the “go to” lure of many charter captains as well as anglers all over the east coast. The JAG has a 3-1/4 ounce powder coated bullet shaped head with large eyes and a skirt made from hair and bling.

These skirts have proven results catching monster Wahoo, Blue Fin Tuna, and other big game predators. They are heavy enough to run deep for added vertical spread and are about 9-inches in total length. They are sold unrigged in a protective plastic tube but are also available rigged.

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