Boga Grip 30lb And 60lb




Product type: Tools

Vendor: Boga Grip

Tags: Fish Grips, Scales



Quickly operated with the use of only one hand, this grip easily encompasses the lower jawbone of most species. It won't rub off a fish's protective slime layer, and provides a more hassle-free way of handling noteworthy catches for a few quick snaps of the camera before releasing them unharmed. Because of the extended handle, the Boga Grip® is the optimum way for landing fish in cold water, controlling toothy fish and keeping yourself clear of multiple treble hooks. The trigger sleeve slides along the main tube for fast opening, closing and locking. A rubberized grip gives you a firm grasp, and the main tube contains a precision scale which is calibrated using certified weights to ensure extreme accuracy. The stainless steel tube and components won't break down in saltwater and will survive years of hard use. Made in USA.
  • The Model 130 weighs fish up to 30 pounds in 1/2-pound increments. Length: 10-3/4". Weight: 1 pound.
  • The Model 260 weighs fish up to 60 pounds in 1-pound increments. Length: 15". Weight: 1-3/4 pounds.