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Booyah Blade Spinner Bait

Booyah Blade Spinner Bait

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Everyone has experienced the frustration of cheap spinnerbaits – bent wires, lost blades, and worst of all, lost fish due to inferior components, dull hooks or outright breakage. The BOOYAH Blade features top- quality components and angler-smart design, starting with the .037 gauge stainless steel frame tuned for maximum vibration and durability. The jeweler's grade blades are attached via a ball bearing swivel for smooth and constant spin, and the Ultra Point hook features a soft plasti-keeper spike so trailers stay attached to the head without the use of super glue. For fish- appeal, the realistic head features 3D red eyes and flared gills atop a 50-strand Bio- Flex silicone skirt with exclusive color formulations. It's more than a bait, it's an attitude!

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