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Cast Fishing Company Depth Hunter Slow Pitch Jig

Cast Fishing Company Depth Hunter Slow Pitch Jig

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Depth Hunter

Our Jigs come PRE-RIGGED with the highest of Japanese Decoy Assist hooks on YGK cord. Pictures are to illustrate color variants.

The name of the game in slow pitch jigging is to stay as vertical as possible for as long as possible! For this exact reason the Depth Hunter is our go to jig when faced with deep water and heavy currents. The elongated shape of this jig enables it to reach the bottom with the least resistance. When the conditions try and make things tough to stay in the zone, switch it up and drop the Depth Hunter on them!

The Depth Hunter is available in 3 sizes and 4 colors ( all with Lumo glow, Chrome detail surrounding Japanese foil and an extra durable finish)

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