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Cast Prodigy 4.1 Inch

Cast Prodigy 4.1 Inch

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A lot of work went into creating the PRODIGY so that it is extremely durable but also has amazing action. By not having to replace torn up baits all day you are not only saving money but also saving time on the water. This efficiency is crucial for not only tournament anglers who are on the clock but those of you who have limited time to fish!

The Prodigy is designed with an over sized tail that has been shaped to impart an incredible amount of action throughout the entire body of the swimbait and has a small glass rattle located in the belly cavity to alert predators to its presence, especially useful in dark or dirty water conditions or for fish that need a little wake up call! You can also remove the rattle to make the bait super finesse or replace it with a Neko weight and nose hook the Prodigy to create the ultimate subtle soft body spy bait.


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