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Corrosion Block

Corrosion Block 12oz

Corrosion Block 12oz

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Product Overview

Prevention and treatment of corrosion on a Variety of metals and substrates. 

This anti-corrosion lubricant/penetrant stops or prevents corrosion on all metals. Its hydrophobic chemistry acts like an “off switch” to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. Leaves a non-toxic, non-greasy, clean, clear protective film that blocks corrosion in a wide variety of applications, including marine electronics, batteries, circuit panels, standing rigging, fishing gear and inboard or outboard motors. Harmless to most plastic or rubber found on your boat.

Key features
  • Anti-corrosion lubricant/penetrant prevents dissimilar metal corrosion
  • Leaves a non-toxic, non-greasy, clean, clear protective film that blocks corrosion
  • Protects battery connections on boats and equipment
  • Non-toxic, non-greasy barrier protects metal surfaces 
  • Uses:  Battery terminals, electronics, rubber materials on boats, fishing rods 
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