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Daiwa 24 Seaborg 1800MJ Electric Reel

Daiwa 24 Seaborg 1800MJ Electric Reel

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The new 1800 Seaborg finally made it's way over to the US and it's a beast, with the discontinuation of the 3000 Marine Power this is the biggest electric reel Daiwa offers with almost double the winding power of the 1200MJ. They rate this reel for 1000 meters of PE12 line which is damn near 1000 yards of your typical 130lb braid. 

Another addition with this reel is an include remote control for controlling the winding, so you won't to be at the reel to activate the jigging function or wind up your weight. Along with the huge improvement in the power of the motor this reel also boasts 110lbs of drag which should be enough to stop most anything out there although you are limited by the single speed gear ratio of 2.3:1. Not to worry though because most species will be no match for the motor which itself has two gear ratios. 

It has a big heatsink to make sure the motor doesn't overheat during winding and an electronic clicker to let you know when the drag is slipping.

These reels will be great for anything from swordfish to big bluefin trolling out here in California, with the capacity in between a typical 50 and 50W reel these will be a great go-to for a lot of big game applications.

SBG1800M-RJ 123.8oz
21BB 110lbs
2.3:1 100lb 1300yds
PE 8/1600m
Hi 162 m/min
Low 65 m/min


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