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Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging Spinning Reel

Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging Spinning Reel

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The Saltiga Bay Jigging Reel. The flagship saltwater spinning reel in the Diawa line, utilizes cutting edge technology and the smoothness of operation that the 13 bearing system assures. The hallmark of this distinctive reel is the ground breaking development of the one-piece Monocoque Body. This design incorporates a one-piece Aluminum Frame and a one-piece threaded side plate. Because screws are not necessary to attach the sideplate and hold the main gear, the interior space in the body is greater allowing for a larger more powerful gear held in place by the lighter, sturdier body rather than the traditional side plate. The threaded 360 degree support system side plate also increases the integrity of the body as a whole and prevents water or debris intrusion. The strength to weight ratio of this design is unmatched. The larger main gear is of Hyper Digigear design and tooled from harder brass. The main shaft is Magsealed reducing saltwater and debris intrusion. With 5.7 to 1 and 4.9 to 1 gear ratios, the Saltiga Bay Jigging Reel is designed for a variety of offshore fishing and jigging applications and heralds the arrival of the next generation in spinning reel design.

  • One Piece Aluminum Frame - Monocoque Body
  • 13 bearing system 2-MBB, 9-CRBB, 1-BB and 1-RB
  • HYPER DIGIGEAR - Harder grade of Brass and larger
  • MAGSEALED- Reduces water and debris from traveling down the shaft 
  • 3500H (Gear Ratio 5.7 : 1)
  • 4000 (Gear Ratio 4.9 : 1)
ABAYJ3500H-JDM 12 (2MBB, 9CRBB, 1BB, 1RB) 5.7:1 38.2” 15.2 MONO: 12/300,14/220
BRAID: 20/330, 30/220
SABAYJ4000H-JDM 12 (2MBB, 9CRBB, 1BB, 1RB) 4.9:1 33.9” 15.2 MONO: 12/300, 14/220
BRAID: 20/330, 30/220
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