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Daiwa Saltiga Saltwater Spinning Reels

Daiwa Saltiga Saltwater Spinning Reels

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“TOUGH & TECHNICAL” to pioneer a new era in SW fishing scene.

Unmatched power and toughness with total control. A high specification reel to pioneer a new era. Designed to exhibit full strength under pressure, catching the largest fish in the oceans with ease.

Full metal (AL) body construction with DAIWA’s original MONOCOQUE (MQ) body concept supports a machine-cut TOUGH DIGIGEAR made from G1 Duralumin to provide unmatched crank power and extra strength to the drive gear.

Designed to allow anglers to control fish under any conditions, with enough power to gain an extra wind against any large predator an angler may encounter.

Equipped with a new aluminium AIRDRIVE ROTOR to provide rotation with low inertia and extra strength, the reel is equipped with the latest advanced technology and specifications.



Monocoque Body

Rigid one piece body

With support from a full metal MONOCOQUE (MQ) body concept, 23 SALTIGA 4000/5000/6000 has gained extra strength and retrieve power compared to other models in similar sizes.

By introducing MONOCOQUE (MQ) construction the internal body space has been increased to allow larger drive gear to be installed. MQ construction also allows the engine plate to replace the need for screws to stabilise the drive gear. MQ concept improves support of the internal parts and adds durability and resistance to intrusion..


G1 Duralumin Drive Gear

Torque and power.

New gear design combined with G1 Duralumin material creates the pinnacle of gear strength and precision. With increased strength of up to 130% to support the reel under the harshest conditions.

This gear design reduces the amount of wear, including twist and deformation to both the drive & pinion gears. This gear design combined with MQ body creates the pinnacle of saltwater spinning reels.



Performance preserved.

MAGSEALED is a technology that implements a special liquid material developed originally for aerospace engineering called MAGOIL. MAGOIL is used to create a water and dust-resistant barrier in lieu of traditional rubber seals.

This is an innovative water resistance method that maintains rotational performance. The ultimate focus of MAGSEAL was to protect the gearing inside the reel body and the bearings. Two of the key components to protect if overall performance is to be preserved.


Magsealed Bearing

Friction free rotation.

MAGSEALED bearings have been designed to last longer than traditionally sealed ball bearings. The balls are encapsulated in a completely waterproof housing. The inner and outer rings are magnetised and joined by waterproof and stable MAGSEALED oil.

This means the initial performance of the reel will be indefinitely preserved. The longevity is beyond comparison to a waterproof industrial bearing.

23 SALTIGA 4000/5000/6000 is equipped with MAGSEALED bearings on both sides of the drive gear.

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