Daiwa Sealine 50 SHA

Daiwa Sealine 50 SHA




Product type: Reels

Vendor: Daiwa

Tags: Conventional, Daiwa



The Daiwa Sealine X50SHA is your perfect kingfish reel. Very light weight and fast, having a 6:1:1 gear ratio and holds almost 400 yards of 25lb mono. It has a smooth and sealed 20lbs of drag and is ready to be fished.

  • Free-Floating Spool, separates the spool from the gear train on outcast for less friction, longer casts and faster lure drop
  • Three CRBB Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
  • Massive, six-element sealed drag, ultra-smooth and consistent
  • Tough marine bronze and stainless steel gears
  • High-tensile aluminum spool, super-strong yet super light
  • Two-position power handle with oversized Soft Touch grip