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Dogfish Stik Spinning Coastal Series Rods (8ft In-store pickup only)

Dogfish Stik Spinning Coastal Series Rods (8ft In-store pickup only)

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The Coastal Series Dogfish Stik is a rod that we as a store needed for a long time. With the Fisheries changing every year, these rods were a must. Back in the day there were two types of boats, the inshore boat and the offshore boat. Back then the offshore guys didn't mess around with the inshore guys and the inshore boats didn't mess with the offshore boats. And then came along the big bad Bay Boat that does everything! And that's where this particular series came to life.  



DFSCS701MH  This rod provides a balance in the Force. A true rod designed for a 6000 series reel that can catch big snook in the passes, Tarpon under 60lbs, larger Redfish in the passes, big Snook and Redfish under dock lights, Kingfish free lining pilchards, Blackfin Tuna casting Cigar Minnows and Spanish Sardines, Knocker Rigging 2 ounce leads with shrimp for Hogfish, Jig head fishing for Mangrove Snapper up in the water column, Yellowtail Snapper fishing at the surface, bouncing smaller jigs up to 2 ounces off the bottom, and catching blue runners before the next Kingfish Tournament. With all that being said, here is what we did to solve the problems that we saw on other rods on the market of similar price and caliber. For starters one thing that we noticed is that all of the companies used way to small of a stripper guide, which translated to a wobble feeling because the larger roader on the 6000 series reels was swing the line wide and it was slapping the blank and all sides of the insert in the stripper guide. By using the larger stripper guide it allowed for the space needed to stop that from happening. It also improved on the overall castability and performance. We also added larger guides to the rod that sit off the blank a bit further as well to enhance the overall casting performance. We also added rubber locking gimbles to the back for stability in the rod holders as well a little extra padding for fighting fish from the hip. Last but not least we made sure to build this rod with a Fuji double locking reel seat so that under pressure and continuous use you will never worry about your reel loosening up. Over the years of being an avid outdoorsman as well as fisherman I have made a lot of good friends along the way, and I know several people that have had their spinning reels vibrate off the rod and have lost the reel. This rod was designed specifically with these reels in mind Daiwa Saltist MQ 6000, Daiwa BG MQ 6000, Daiwa Certate LT4000D, Shimano Saragosa 6000, Shimano Twin Power 6000, Shimano Spheros 6000, and Van Staal 150's  


DFSCS761MH   No joke, when designing this rod, we had Eye of the Tiger playing full bore in the background because we were so amped for this model. Here comes my " If I was stranded on an island with only rod and reel analogy", this would be in my top 3 for sure! I know it comes off a little bias because all three rods I've mentioned are our Dogfish Stik's, but to my defense this is only because we saw all of these rods on the market that were all awesome rods, but they were all lacking something that when you picked it up you would say "man I really wish it had this or that". Thats where our knowledge of the industry and knowing what needed to be fixed came to light with this rod. If you like throwing big swim baits, flair hawk jigs, or live mullet to giant snook this is your rod. If you have crabs pinned up to run offshore to throw to permit, you will love this rod. If you want to do everything that the 7ft version of this rod listed above will allow you to plus all of these other things mentioned, you need this rod! When I tell you we were pumped for this build I meant it and we did not want to come out with a day earlier if it wasn't right hence the reason why we spent over 2 years developing this rod. This rod pairs perfect with these reels Daiwa Saltist MQ 6000Daiwa BG MQ 6000Daiwa Certate LT4000DShimano Saragosa 6000Shimano Twin Power 6000Shimano Spheros 6000, and Van Staal 150's  


DFSCS801H  I've said it before and I'll say it again, here at Dogfish we are all very passionate about our jobs and 99% of the time that translates to us building great rods that are multi-functional. This rod is hands down the best Tarpon that we have ever built. It has everything you want in a Tarpon rod. We insured that it has a light enough tip that you can pitch crabs and pilchards without sacrificing back bone. I see it all of the time and it literally drives me up a wall that companies build these 8 ft rods that are actual broom sticks AKA back breakers that do the fisherman such an injustice when trying to cast crabs and pilchards to weary fish and expect to get any kind of distance on the cast. Another thing is that these companies sometimes put aluminum reel seats on the rods and guides that are way too small. Trust me when I tell you that in no way is rod that way. We put enough backbone in this rod to roll that fish backwards and pull their head back under water. We built this rod with triple foot Alps SS316 marine grade stainless steel guides with zirconium ring, Fuji double locking reel seat, and rubber locking gimble. This isn't just best Tarpon rod that we have ever built, it is a beast of a cobia rod for sight fishing, and one Hek of a rod for wreck permit fishing. We highly recommend pairing this rod with these great reels Daiwa Saltist MQ 10000 or 14000Shimano Saragosa 10000 or 140000Daiwa Certate 10000 or 14000Shimano Twin Power 10000 or 14000Daiwa BG MQ 10000 or 14000Shimano Spheros 10000 or 14000 Daiwa BG 5000 

Dogfish Stik Warranty

Our rods come backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty on any manufacturing defect.  All warranty claims must be accompanied by a receipt or other form of proof of purchase.  This warranty (as with any other manufacturer) does not cover guides.  This warranty does not cover improper use or mishandling of the rod.  If you have any questions concerning our warranty program please give us call at 727-393-2102.


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