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Dolphin 2-Ring Crab Net

Dolphin 2-Ring Crab Net

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Snap up some crabs quickly in freshwater or saltwater by snaring them in this simple but effective crab ring trap at a great price. The FJ Neil Ring Crab Net is made of cotton with two metal rings. To use your crabbing net, add some bait and a few weights, then lower it into the water using a rope attachment. Once you see some crabs have entered, quickly raise the net before they can wander off.

This 18-inch net for crabbing can hold a few large crabs or a bunch of small ones as well as crayfish and other crustaceans. You'll quickly get all the live bait you need to cast for snook, tarpon, cobia and other crab-loving fish — or cook up the crabs themselves to enjoy a seafood platter. A disposable crabbing ring net is great for occasional crab-seekers or if you want the kids to join the fun. Note they are not welded all the way around and have a loop where the rings are connected.

If you have questions about the drop-style crab net or other FJ Neil fishing products, call TackleDirect or use our live chat seven days a week. We can ship them anywhere in the world that you want to ensnare crabs and crawdads. Satisfaction is guaranteed on every order with no-hassle returns and exchanges.

6915P Crab Ring Net Features:

  • 18" wide
  • White cotton netting and ropes
  • Metal top and bottom rings (different widths) and hanging hook
  • Add crab bait and use weights to lower them to the desired depth


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