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Sea Star

Dometic Hydraulic Steering Fluid

Dometic Hydraulic Steering Fluid

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SeaStar Solutions hydraulic fluid is formulated to optimize performance and maximize steering system life.

SeaStar Solutions engineers hydraulic steering systems for the highest performance regardless of the vessel type or propulsion. Their consistency and expertise is respected throughout the industry by both users and technicians.

As technology, seal composition and design evolve so has the chemical makeup of  hydraulic fluid. SeaStar hydraulic fluid is specifically engineered to maximize performance and lifespan of SeaStar steering systems. Corrosion and rust inhibitors combined with anti-wear agents keep contamination to a minimum and increase ram and seal longevity. Viscosity stabilizers and anti-foaming agents are added to provide consistent and predictable performance. Water emulsification additives reduce moisture content that can cause damage and compromise steering.

To ensure industry leading performance, SeaStar only approves SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Fluid for use in its steering systems.

Key Features

  • Engineered to maximize life of entire steering system
  • Proprietary additives control contaminates that can adversely affect steering performance
  • Formulated not to harm components including hoses, rams, and helm pumps
  • Reduces steering effort regardless of ambient temperatures
  • Only steering fluid approved for use in SeaStar Solutions steering systems
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