Eagle Claw Wacky Worm Kit / Tool / Rigging Bands




Product type: Freshwater

Vendor: Eagle Claw

Tags: Tools



If you want to get on a fun easy bass bite setup a wacky rig and fish anywhere. The Eagle Claw Wacky Rigging Kit comes with: 20 #4 hooks, 20 #2 hooks, 20 #1 hooks, 20 #1/0 hooks, 20 rubber O-rings, Wacky Tool, and storage box. You can also buy the Wacky Tool or Rigging Bands separately.

To use the Wacky Tool 1. Insert soft plastic bait into tool.  2. Move o-ring down tool and onto soft plastic bait.  3. Slide soft plastic bait from tool.  4. Insert fishhook under o-ring and above soft plastic bait.