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Evergreen Gizmo

Evergreen Gizmo

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The Evergreen Gizmo is a floating rubber jig that was designed to imitate a Cicada, a major food source for bass in certain parts of the United States, Mexico, and Japan.  The Gizmo’s bug-like profile is made from elastomer which is a very strong and buoyant material which makes this lure very durable and reactive to the even the slightest twitches of your rod.

The Gizmo includes a sticky sharp size 2 Decoy Jig hook with that is molded into the body of this bait.  You should feel confident in fishing the Gizmo around trees, laydowns, brush, or any cover you may come across as this lure comes paired with a translucent monofilament weed guard.  To give the Evergreen Gizmo the final touch of realism, this bug includes front and rear rubber legs that will quiver to create ripples on the surface of the water as you shake your rod tip.

If you are looking for a finesse approach to topwater or the bass are keying in on bugs/small forage, the Evergreen Gizmo will be a sure bet to fill your limit.

Evergreen  Length  Weight Class
 Gizmo 1-1/2"  1/10oz 


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