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Marine Metal Floating Airhead AHF-300

Marine Metal Floating Airhead AHF-300

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The Floating Airhead by marine metal can turn anything that holds water into an oxygenated habitat. Has a foam top to float it and prevent getting clogged, while attracting any fish scales, foam, and contaminants to the foam. Pushes 360GPH of water with tons of micro oxygen bubbles to keep fish alive and well. Will aerate about 30-35 gallons and has alligator clips to attach to any battery. 

  • 12 V DC, low current 1.7 amps, 360 GPH
  • High performance system mixes air and water to produce large gentle current of micro bubbles
  • Produces 99.5 % saturation of dissolved oxygen
  • Fish stay lively - system does not injure fragile bait
  • Perfect for catch and release tournaments and crowded live wells
  • Naturally adjusts to any live well depth
  • Foam filter removes floating debris
  • 6' 16 AGW power cord with copper battery clips
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