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Frabill ReCharge Floating Aerator

Frabill ReCharge Floating Aerator

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The Frabill ReCharge Floating Aerator turns any waterproof container into a portable minnow bucket. Keeps bait lively! Rechargeable lithium batteries run the floating aeration system's durable and quiet induction motor. Charge batteries easily with the included USB cable with a 110v adaptor. After 80 years of market–leading bait management experience, you should have no complications and no worries over the Frabill ReCharge Floating Aerator.

  • Rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Durable and quiet induction motor
  • Water-resistant gasket design
  • Anti-backflow check valve
  • Universal floating design
  • Package Includes: Rechargeable premium aerator & USB cable with 110V adaptor
  • Model #: FRBAP22
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