Marpac Racor Fuel Water Seperator

Marpac Racor Fuel Water Seperator




Product type: Marine Products

Vendor: Marpac

Tags: boating, Fuel, Marine



• For all 2 and 4 Cycle engines.
• Kits include: Filter Head, Hose Barbs, Plugs,
Thread Sealant and Fuel Filter.
• 10 Micron Media filters out 99% of water and 98% of contaminates.
• Filter media sheds water instead of absorbing it.
• Clear bowl extends the life of the filter by allowing water to be drained
from the fuel system.
• Maximum media surface area for high dirt holding capacity.
• 3/8” NPT ports provides high fuel flow.
• Water collecting bowl is reusable.
• For vacuum (suction side) applications.
• For portable marine fuel system only