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Halco Lazer Pro 190 XDD 20ft diver

Halco Lazer Pro 190 XDD 20ft diver

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The Laser Pro 190 is widely recognised as one of the worlds best bluewater trolling lures. It can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots.

All Halco Laser Pro’s feature Haclo’s unique Bullet Proof Bib securing system, ensuring that your lures stand the test of time, and continue to catch fish after fish. Try pairing the Laser Pro 190 with the Snap or Super Snap wire traces to ensure your chances of landing those sharp-toothed fish like Barracuda, Wahoo, and Mackerel.

Remember, always troll your lures at different distances from the boat. Not only does this cover more area, it also avoids tangles when turning the boat, as the closer lure will pass under the further lure during the turn. The Laser Pro 190 model has three diving depth options- Standard (1m), Deep Diver (2m+) and Crazy Deep XDD (6m) and can be trolled up to 11 knots.



Laser Pro 190 Specs

Product Name LP190 STD, LP190 DD, LP190 XDD
Trolling Speed 3 - 11 Knots
Weight 47grams
Length 185mm, 7.3 Inches
Hooks #4/0 Mustad 3xxx Trebles
Applications Trolling / Casting
Buoyancy Floating
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