Halco Roosta Popper




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: Halco

Tags: Topwater



The Roosta Popper is designed and build to get the maximum noise and splash out of a medium sized popper, while retaining superior casting capability, excellent strength and high durability.

Excessive effort is not required when working this popper. For best results point the rod tip at the lure and sweep the rod down 50-60 degrees, allow the lure to pause momentarily, wind in any slack line and repeat at irregular intervals.

The highly distinctive head shape of the Roosta 160 provides a long and extremely noisy bubble trail by alloying the cavitation bubbles and the subsequent noise to escape via the popper’s contoured cup sides.


Roosta Popper 160 Specs

Product Name RP160
Trolling Speed Slow to Fast Retrieve
Weight 75 Grams
Length 160mm, 6.3 inches
Hooks #4 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Applications Straight Retrieve Popping & Blooping
Buoyancy Floating