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HFdepot Jig Teasers 5pk

HFdepot Jig Teasers 5pk

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Pompano teasers are the perfect complement to your pompano jigs. Adding a teaser to your goofy jigs makes them a pompano lure that they will not be able to resist. A Pompano jig with teaser is a jig that all pompano fishermen use. Make sure you are fishing with the best and get your pompano jig teaser from Hunting and Fishing Depot.

Our teasers are hand-tied by anglers for anglers to help them catch more fish. Add a split-ring to them and attach to any hook with ease. Our pompano teasers will add the desired flash to attract nearby fish. We have mastered how to create a pompano teaser that all anglers should be using.

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