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JYG Assist Cord 2yds

JYG Assist Cord 2yds

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In slow pitch jigging, every detail counts. Whether you prefer the stealth of a Fluorocarbon Core or the sheer strength of a Steel Core, our range of Assist Cords empowers you to tailor your approach to your preferences and the fish you're targeting. With options to suit both finesse and power styles, our Assist Cords redefine your jigging experience. Upgrade your tackle box with the ultimate Assist Cord selection for slow pitch jigging and unlock the power of precision, strength, and flexibility. Explore the advantages of both options—order now and elevate your fishing game to new heights!

**Option 1: Assist Cord with Fluorocarbon

1. **Fluorocarbon Core Advantage:** Elevate your stealth game with our Assist Cord featuring a Fluorocarbon Core. This core enhances the cord's overall durability and strength while offering unparalleled invisibility to cautious game fish. Present your assist hooks with confidence, knowing they're virtually invisible underwater.

2. **Unmatched Knot Strength:** Tie with conviction using our Assist Cord. The combination of fluorocarbon's knot strength and the cord's robust construction ensures that your knots hold firm under intense pressure, allowing you to focus on your technique and presentation without worry.

3. **Enhanced Lifelike Action:** Create lifelike movement effortlessly. Our Assist Cord's flexibility and supple nature enable assist hooks to move naturally, mimicking wounded prey and enticing aggressive strikes from your target species.

**Option 2: Assist Cord with Steel Core**

1. **Steel Core Toughness:** When power and durability are paramount, our Assist Cord with a Steel Core delivers. Built to withstand the toughest battles, this option offers superior strength, making it an ideal choice for larger, more aggressive game fish.

2. **Reliable Knot Integrity:** Trust in your knots even under extreme pressure. Our Assist Cord with Steel Core ensures your knots remain secure, allowing you to tackle the challenge of slow pitch jigging with confidence.

3. **Versatile Application:** From deep-water expeditions to shallower reef pursuits, the Assist Cord with Steel Core adapts to your fishing style. Its strength and durability make it a go-to option for anglers seeking reliability and power.

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