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Lee's Rod Rack Storage Set MC70

Lee's Rod Rack Storage Set MC70

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Single Rod Rack Sets

Finish: Satin Silver

Simple and efficient rod storage. Constructed of Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum with a variety of Anodized Finishes. Rod Butt is inserted into Closed End of set. Vinyl insert protects the Rod Butt. Tip of rod is placed into Locking End of set and Nylon Locking Ring is rotated to lock it in. Will support the heaviest of rods. Can be mounted Horizontally, Vertically or Overhead.


Suitable for spinning, conventional, and fly rods. Vertically, and overhead. Fabricated from marine grade anodized aluminum. Soft vinyl insert cushions rod butt. Rotating nylon inserts hold tip safely and secure.

DIRECTIONS. slide butt end of rod into closing ring, insert tip into open ring. Rotate nylon insert to secure rod.

MOUNTING INTSTRUCTIONS. Fasten directly to mounting surface using number 10 stainless self-tapping screws or through bolt. Alternative method is to attach to laminate or wood strip that has been prefastened  to the mounting surface.


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