MANG Men's Snook Predator Performance Long sleeve Shirt

MANG Men's Snook Predator Performance Long sleeve Shirt

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The Mang Snook Predator Long Sleeve:

The Snook Predator design was inspired by Florida and one of the gnarliest fish in the MANG’s. The design incorporates our mangrove root pattern right into the Snook to help showcase your love for the MANGs we plant. 

Our long-sleeve tees are super breathable to keep you fresh and cool in the sun or shade and they’re printed in the USA right in Pompano Beach, FL. When you wear MANG®, you join a movement of people who are banded together to protect, preserve and restore our ecosystems. The future depends upon stewards stepping up to the cause to protect our Earth today. 

Mang Long Sleeve Features: 

UPF 50 + 

Sun protection built right into our 100% polyester fabrics, which means less sunscreen on you and in the water.


Moisture Wicking fabric dries fast, so you stay comfortable outdoors, on the job or out fishing on the boat.   


Fight odors at the source, to stay fresh no matter what the day throws at you.  


Whether you’re fishing the flats or relaxing on the beach, our all-season shirts are ready for adventure. 


Did you know that MANG® shirts make an excellent base layer for colder climates, so you may get out and enjoy a day on the slopes? 


Hot or Cold our fabrics won’t stretch or shrink like average tees, even after hours of manging around town. 

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