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Marine Metals Bait Saver

Marine Metals Bait Saver

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This portable Marine Metal Bait Saver aeration pump aerates up to 44 gallons of water in a bait bucket, bait well or live well. With a length of 19.5 inches, it is designed to work in both fresh and salt water bait containers. The pump quietly produces 99.5 percent saturation of dissolved oxygen, keeping proper aeration for bait fish including minnows and shrimp. The Bait Saver aerator pump mounts through the lid of most live wells with a detachable grommet. A detachable filter and impeller guard keeps bait safe from injury. The pump operates on 12 volts of direct current using the included large copper battery clips and a 6 foot power cord; the unit draws just 0.75 AMPS per hour of use.

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