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Marpac Stainless Steel Hex Nut

Marpac Stainless Steel Hex Nut

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Hex nuts are used to prevent shear movement and tension when adhering facing materials together with machine bolts. Hex nuts are commonly used in wood to wood, wood to metal, and metal to metal applications. Stainless Steel hex nuts are recommended for most general uses and are corrosion resistant. Be sure to pre-drill any holes and to use washers and bolts that are a similar grade and finish.

  • Hex nuts are designed to mechanically join materials by fastening to a bolt

  • Stainless steel finish offers best-in-class corrosion resistance

  • Can be installed by screwing onto exposed thread by hand and tightening with a wrench

  • Safe for use in most general home and commercial applications

  • Recommended for use with bolts and washers of a similar size and finish

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