Mirrolure He Dog   95MR

Mirrolure He Dog 95MR




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: Mirrolure

Tags: Hard Baits, Topwater



The MirrOlure® C-Eye Pro series features natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. The C85MR has that bright, reflective, luminescent insert that attracts fish. With a twitching retrieve, this Top Water Dog darts from side-to-side, calling in viscous strikes. Precision weight design allows Pro Dog JR. to cast long distances and walks with ease. The perfect "search bait" when probing the flats.

Add the C-Eye™ series Pro Dog Jr. to your top water line and catch a fish of a lifetime.

Model: C85MR-CHSB, LENGTH: 4", WEIGHT: 3/4 OZ.
Available Colors: 11SB, 21TR, BNSB, CHSB, GCSB, HPSB, TROUT, BPT, RED