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Mustad O'Shaughnessy Bait Hook 9174NP-BN

Mustad O'Shaughnessy Bait Hook 9174NP-BN

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The classic O’Shaughnessy hook range is perfect for heavy duty, bottom fishing. It is also ideal for King Salmon, Dorado/MahiMahi, Conger Eel, Ling, Rays or other smaller deep-water species. Perfect for baiting with fish heads, squid or crab. Coated with Mustad's own Black Nickel finish, which is 4 times as rust resistant as traditional Black Nickel.

  • 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • 3X Short shank
  • 1X Strong
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • Black Nickel finish
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