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Nebo Submerser 1600C

Nebo Submerser 1600C

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Attract bigger fish with the Submerser 1600C underwater fishing light! Perfect when fishing from a boat or a dock, this underwater fishing light uses DC power to output 1600 lumens of green light from its sleek, watertight 360 degree C•O•B design. This green fishing light creates a food chain reaction by drawing in plankton and bait fish, thereby attracting the more coveted game fish. The C•O•B contains more LED chips to provide a strong, uniform beam for a greater overall lighting experience while its 360 degree design creates a consistent omni-directional light source. Completely waterproof, submersible up to 30 feet, and made with durable materials designed to last. Take your night fishing game to the next level with any of the Submerser line of underwater fishing lights from NEBO.

The Best Light For Night Fishing? Try the Submerser Series from NEBO

We know that night fishing is a great way to catch more fish. That’s why we created the Submerser series of underwater fishing lights. This submersible LED light is perfect for night fishing on a boat or off the dock. It’s easy to use and it will make your nighttime adventures even better! You can now see what you are doing with ease and catch more fish than ever before!


The Submerser 1,600 lumen underwater fishing light is designed for all types of water conditions including saltwater and freshwater lakes as well as rivers and streams. It’s also extremely easy to use. Once hooked up, simply toss the light in the water, wait for the plankton and baitfish, and then start casting around the edges of the illuminated area, where most of the big fish will be lurking.



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