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Nomad DTX Minnow

Nomad DTX Minnow

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The DTX minnow is a revolutionary casting and trolling minnow, featuring the nomad auto tune in hydro speed advanced design technology, the DTX minnow is in a class of its own. The DTX men O features a wider body in different lip style to enable more body action at slower speeds and increased snag resistance, to allow casting and trolling through structure. The patented nomad design auto tune till point in bibs system means this lower just keep swimming deep, straight and true, 1st time every time, no matter how many bytes it's had. The concealed Hydra speed Valley islet allows faster trolling speeds in the ability to rig assist hooks on the belly to catch more jumping or tuff fish. The DTX minnow can be cast and retrieve super slow or trolled at up to 10 knots, and dives to / 8 m, 26'. It features an internal rattle with centra balanced weight captivity the DTX minnow is your 1st choice for casting and trolling minnows were maximum depth and lower action are going to catch you more fish. Designed and tested in Australia where the no mad design team are lower's are not only super tough endurable, but also feature unique colors and most importantly unique and highly effective shapes and actions. Each luar has been designed for a specific purpose, and has been balance and tested to work perfectly with the chosen hooks. Every nomad design lower has been crafted for decades of experience on the water by tougher, last longer and to catch big fish. More fish, more fun, we make it happen 

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