Nomad MADSCAD 65 AT SUS 2-1/2" - 1/4OZ




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: Nomad

Tags: Hard Baits



The MADSCAD AT Suspending features the Patented Autotune System to create a twitch-bait with a unique action, extra long-distance casting ability that will perfectly sit level when suspending for a realistic presentation in shallow water.

Choose your retrieve – whether slow or fast, the Madscad AT creates a mesmerising wide yet natural side-to-side swimming motion that fish cannot resist. When twitched and paused it creates a very erratic action darting sideways and looking like a wounded baitfish. It can be worked fast or slow depending on the situation and is deadly for Snook, Striped Bass, Sea Trout, Redfish and many other inshore coastal species.