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Nomad MAVERICK 90 AT SUS 3-1/2" - 1/2OZ

Nomad MAVERICK 90 AT SUS 3-1/2" - 1/2OZ

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Few baits can claim to be truly unique and still consistently get results. The MAVERICK boldly makes that claim. Combining the ‘big water Maverick’ design with the Patented Autotune System creates a lure with unrivalled features. Think suspending jerkbait, "walk the dog" surface bait and slow roll swimbait all in one lure. Yeah..sounds crazy, and that’s why it’s so much fun to fish.  There are so many ways to use this versatile lure that we recommend you watch the video below to see how to fish it. 

The Maverick can be worked like a suspending jerkbait, slow rolled, walked across the surface – or combine all these styles for the ultimate presentation to unsuspecting fish. Drive fish crazy with the incredible wide body roll when worked slowly, the erratic action when twitched and the occasional surface splash. A favourite amongst tournament pros, this lure is a must have in your tackle box. 

Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch more fish. 

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